RapFix Live With Lil' Kim

RapFix Live's interview with Lil' Kim is now available to stream in full on MTV's website @ http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/627411/rapfix-live-with-lil-kim.jhtml#name=news&id=1658963

Posted on 05 Mar 2011 by LilKimZone

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by real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 12:01 am
by @real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 12:26 am
Unfortunately I can't make a claim because I didn't purchase the tape. But it is a good idea to let her know that she needs to start taking care of her business. I wonder if her hair salon is listed as delinquent in the BBB.
by real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 12:33 am
Kim better be careful:

False Advertising Law, as its name implies, is laws that protect consumers from false or misleading promotion of services or products.

False or deceptive advertising involves using false or misleading statements as part of the advertising. There are similar laws relating to labeling. Consumers have the right to know what they are buying.
by HoustonKid @ 08 Mar 2011 12:39 am
Whell I talk to some other lil kim fans over the internet and they say they already got it,So I don't know.I think it depends on how far you stay and when you order it that determines how fast you get it.
by @HoustonKid @ 08 Mar 2011 12:45 am
Did you ask them to give you the tracklist? Were they able to tell you the number of songs (not the number Fendi tweeted)? Did they say whether the T-Shirts fit? If not, then I questioned their integrity.
by @real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 12:47 am
Tweet the first paragraph you mentioned about the False Advertising Law to Fendi.
by @real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 12:57 am
Fendi is slowing releasing the track list on his twitter.
by real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 01:01 am
SENT it to FENDI, maybe they will release a statement or something.
by @real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 01:05 am
by WTFRUSAYIN @ 08 Mar 2011 01:51 am
by @RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 04:31 am
COME ON NOW mutha fucka WHY THE FUK you hatin on LIL KIM postin the BETTER BUS BURO lINK on LKZ its proly just nikkifan just tryna act like "I use to like BUT" again

you fuckers are worse then little girls at xmas complaining and shit fucker didnt even order the mixtape and your more frustated about no one gettin it yet then those who actually ordered it


I HOPE NO ONE POST HER MIXTAPE AND IF YOU DO ONLY UNDER A MIN SNIPPETS if these fuckers want to listen and judge LIL KIM go buy the mixtape
by @RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 04:38 am
here is free lesson LIL KIM 101

The reason she charged for the mixtape was for the sales of units and to prove she is still hot and can sell THE MIXTAPE IS ONLY SAMPLE STUDIO ALBUM TO COME


Also Shippin n handlin was included with T-shirts, posters and autograph

YEA YOU MUTHA FUCKAS better post your email links and get together on another site to discuss YOUR HATE stop tryna start some law suit or complaint YOUR THE ONLY ONE MAD posting under different and shit the old classic nikkifan line "I USE TO BE A LIL KIM FAN BUT...."

YEA right LIL KIM Fan now = LIL KIM fan FORVER...PUNKS
by @RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 04:44 am
YOU mutha fuckas busy posting hella hate tryna turn lil kim fans against her

with all that public adverstisement your doing on LKZ you should work in PUBLIC RELATIONS or get busy posting your resumes and GET A JOB a real JOB

DICK RYDIN does not come with PENSION and BENEFITS but you can have all the Over TIME you want

by @RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 04:48 am
WHAT JANE o JOHN DOE posting to @realtalk JUST POST UNDER ERIN BROKABITCH tryna start lawsuits and shit Aiiight LEGALLY DUMB ASS postin bullshit under ANNON this aint craigslist HOE
by esmiley @ 08 Mar 2011 07:19 am
ok kimmy, whats the problem now. where is the music, why is it taken so long. im starting to think you should just go to a label instead of runnin your own because the independent thing dont seem to be workin. we all make mistakes and leaving atlantic is lookin like a bad move. @RicoLopes915, im a ryder like you but wtf.
by krystal313 @ 08 Mar 2011 08:49 am
@esmiley oh boy stop hating on kim, shes knows what shes doing. laughing laughing we just had this same convo couple days ago now you talking a new tune tongue tongue theses next few weeks will be a MESS. oh well!!! ' i wonder what the wall gon look like know (wit my whoopi goldberg voice) tongue tongue @ rico i'm watching WB speedy gonzales has stole the goat cheese and running like hell, it made me thinks about you. YOU'll look nice with big mexican hat laughing laughing laughing
by real talk @ 08 Mar 2011 08:51 am

To all of those lil kim fans like YOU RICO, AKA "YES MEN" who think Kim can do no wrong... thats why Kim is in the position she's in now. This mixtape business is unprofessional...... even @esmiley is wondering wtf is going on.... GET REAL! It all boils down to respect, its 2011.... RICO you come one here and say people are fake because were not kissing kim's ass like you, NEWSFLASH! Fendi is a piss poor manager
by therealT @ 08 Mar 2011 09:24 am
I have been reading all the comments and it seems, some of you are so far up Kim's ass you can't see right from wrong.
by therealT @ 08 Mar 2011 09:29 am
I wander if anyone will sue Kim.. over this shit?
by therealT @ 08 Mar 2011 09:35 am
I'm going to post Kim's mix tape as soon as I get it I'm making copies and passing them out and coasters.. If Kim's camp want to act like this I'm done with Kim I'm to leak that C.D as soon as I get it.. and Kim I'm going to whip my as with that ghetto ass T-Shirt.. what the fuck are you doing.. with your life
by Team Kim @ 08 Mar 2011 10:50 am
@krystal313 didn't I just tell you stop the racist shit *smh* I'm starting to grow curious if this person is actually @nikkifan I don't really care for that matter what I'm beginning to grow curious is why the hell Fendi just said yesterday on Twitter that he would DM ALL HIS FOLLOWERS the tracklisting & some exclusive tracks from the mixtape I didn't get shit & I've been following this fool since August of 2010 if this whole thing is a scam I'm gonna be pissed not only at Fendi but mainly at the QB camp I love Kim but I'm starting to see signs why it may not exist one is that I just read PayPal is in alliance with their sleazy corporation, PayLoadz which rips off customers & just takes their money as reported by 78% of PayPal members / customers these past few months; second, if the Black Friday mixtape was designed by a fan & it got released and just shown to Kim three days after Black Friday was up for purchase, how was Kim going to put that as an artwork if she claimed she was set to ship all of them & they were ready to go; third, I highly doubt 110,000 autographs would be possible especially for Kim, my girl goes to several events, business conferences & does studio work 24/7 so I highly doubt the autographs would fit into that schedule. Her excuse just irritates me if there's no mixtape don't make up one nor scam your fans...
by @RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 11:48 am
WOMP WOMP all you fuckin cry babies sound pathetic
by @RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 11:50 am
Rico this Rico That bitch SUCK a DICK

by @RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 11:55 am
IF i WAS MEXICAN I would be really proud, MEXICAN people are beautiful and make pretty babies with black folks

I been cut my hair since summer 2010 see my new profile pic @


I didnt know that EVELYN from basketball wives was mixed black puerto rican I Luv HER
by krystal313 @ 08 Mar 2011 12:26 pm
BLACKFRIDAY MIXTAPE http://yfrog.com/h8gc9qj wink @ team kim lighten up i'm just joking with rico smile
by krystal313 @ 08 Mar 2011 12:30 pm
i'm not no damn nikkifan fuck that BITCH!!!! I,m NICKI MINAJ I change my name remember cause you ask me to team kim.
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 12:47 pm
WHOA so TeamKIM made u change that pathetic ass name *WHIPPED*

n only after I changed myne lol

by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 12:48 pm
wooooo woooo GO TEAMKIM BIG UPS
by NewEraPrincess @ 08 Mar 2011 02:24 pm
Bottom line is if Kim was ballin she would have had a proessional production and distribution company makeand ship her CD's... Kim has told so many lies that i feel i cant even trust her as a fan... I been wit kim since her 2nd album and it seems to me that everything she has said has been a lie... No baller says a mixtape in this day and age usually ther free and downloadable, 2nd what QUEEN of rap sells a mixtape on PayPal, 3rd why has it taken me 3.5 week to get my cd and it looks cheap and its poor quality... Im a KIm fan but im a realist first and Kim has made it more than clear that shes a liar... Nicki made have bit off you ma we get that but outside of Nicki you have nothing going for yourself... She built her whole career back up on Nicki Minaj and Nicki hasnt responded to her in 4 months... Like give it a break... Im a Kim fan i dont fuck wit Nicki really she has a few good songs and a couple good features other than that no... But what i can say about Nicki that i cant say about Kim is that Kim is making herself look like the bad guy repeatily... I love Kim but i have no choice but to keep it real... People on here arguin over fiction Nicki this and Kim that nobody knows the real deal so arguiong is pointless... But fats remain that Kim has burnt her bridges in the industry and her only way back into the game was gettin at Nicki and that bottomline...
by RealTruth @ 08 Mar 2011 02:31 pm
@Truth... No Disrespect you seem like the biggest hater on here... If your a kim fan then your a Kim fan but why cant a Kim fan do anything witout mentioning Nicki... get it together... Nicki took a couple wigs but style is all her own... You hear what Kim says and run with it be real shes the only one talking right now... Nicki aint said shit cuz for what... Kim fans worry about Kim and get off Nicki cuz all your doin is hyping Nicki up more... and for Kim to be so established and ballin her CD was cheaper than the ones i burn for people even i got solid cases... get real no baller Queen head bitch does that... Kim fans take a look back think about everything Kim said from jump to now... KIM is NICKIS biggest fan and shes proven that more than a few times... "Get of my dick bitch, ANDY"
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 08 Mar 2011 03:46 pm
here we go again same nikkifan new personas....I USE TO BE A KIM FAN BUT....BLA BLA BLA


WHAT ABOUT THAT DICK SHIT thats a lil kim song SO SUCK MY DICK NIGGA FUCK YOU WHO YOU TALKIN TO come on son LIL KIM is the first bitch to HAVE A DICK talkin about if i had a dick i would pull it out and piss on em FAKE ASS BITCH STOP BITTIN YOUR JUST A KIM FAN

by NewEraPrincess @ 09 Mar 2011 12:13 pm
@follow@RicoLopes915.. Dont get it twisted mutha fucka i was a true Kim fan check my Facebook and my Myspace account i kno everything about kim even tho i bought hardcore a few years after it came out dont play me... Kim aint even poppin right now so why lie about that... LMFAO... Aint no kim fans came out to play until she started riding Nicki... back in late 2009 and early 2010 i always hyped Kims shit always bumped it always loved her then she came back on some bitter shit MAd at some wigs. She should have came back and killed Nicki her spit. The kim i grew up loving is not the same thats out now. I speak realness while your on here ranting and raving not gettin paid im over here gettin money. I could give 2 fucks and a bucket about either of the 2 outside of the music. I spit facts not fiction and as soon as you come at me speaking realness ill get at you like you tried to get at me aint nuttin fake about what i said or what i stand for. Kim should have never rebuilt her career talking about Nicki she made that mistake talk to her about it not me. and nobody has any valid points on why Kim is mad at Nicki Kim dont even got any valid points. so everything your saying to me Who really cares. And FYI i been wit tha same nigga for 5 years im far from stank im a true definition of bad bitch. check my FB, Twitter, and Space aint nuttin stank about me except for the shit i talk be real. And until you have some new shit to talk about address your fuckery elsewhere. MWAHH
by money in the bank @ 09 Mar 2011 01:09 pm
Who is Rico Lopes can somebody please get him outta here... is this nigga fag or what i dont know too many niggas who would be goin so hard on all these females and i dont know too many niggas who hate on females... Kim is doing the damn thang and so is Nicki whether you like one or the other or both thats your personal preference but Nicki biting Kims style is obvious but not the the extremes kim is taking it... saying she bit off everything Kims done is saying that kim is the originator of all that whcih shes not Kim bit off YoYo and Supreme... dont play do your research people bit off anybodies style but its not about that its what u do with it and clearly Nciki knew what to do... I bump both ladies so i cant say too much haters are just so unworthy and uneducated...
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 09 Mar 2011 07:42 pm
Womp Womp u sound mad as fuck

FUCK BOY KIM BEEN HOT and is in BLUE FLAMES right now WTF u talkin about

Guess u can live in the past U USE TO BE A KIM FAN so now you can make your exit

THAT SHIT DONT FUX WITH ME call me mexican call me a fag i dont give a fuck but bet i Womp Womp that ass

u aint scarin nobody FUCK A HATER BITCH on here and FUCK U TOO mutha fucka do something I Bees in Brooklyn Myrtle and Palmetto get at me Tweet me we can set something up
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 09 Mar 2011 07:47 pm
and i aint going no where SO GET USE TO ME cuz aint shit u can do about it

KIM never left I got songs from her out of jail her MS GOAT mixtape and after that Pussy Poppin and crazy 08 09 songs SHE WAS GONNA DROP ANOTHER cd stop actin like just cuz nicki came in the game is the only reason KIM rappin SHES BEEN RAPPIN been beefin with bitches and stayed droppin hits NO CREDIT TO THE KRUSTY BITCH
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 09 Mar 2011 07:49 pm
Real Kim fans readin this dont believe that shit from this faggot fucker JUST ANOTHER NICK FAN using the same line I USE TO BE A KIM FAN BUT....BLA BLA BLA

stop catchin wreck homie KIM n Nicki aint payin u neither u catchin feelins like short stop
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 09 Mar 2011 07:52 pm
I'll slap a bitch DONT TRY THAT political correct shit with me PUNK Dick Sucker AND YOU CANT DO SHIT ABOUT IT i aint never scared THE HOOD KNOWS ME my face all on youtube get at me when u want to I AINT HIDIN
by NewEraPrincess @ 10 Mar 2011 11:10 am
@Rico LOpes... You sound stupid fuck boy ima a girl dummy your tha fuck boy nigga... it takes a faggot who take it up the butt to talk about beating a bitches ass... but try and i dare you nigga... i fight boys it aint nuttin but another win under my belt... But like i said when you say something valid or new then get at me until then your corny... Your youtube flicks GAY your whole swag GAY your whole mouthpiece UNEDUCATED and your whole life FUCKERY... Music is music i state facts your stating what Kim said and runnin wit it... aint no need to lie like i said your a BUM your pics have proved that your not about nuttin but being a sack chaser on a bitch who could give 2 fucks about you... you dont kno KIm personally so everything your talkin BULLSHIT... Nigga step your game up do more research sucka few more dicks get fucked a few more times then get your mind right and come correct... "Get gas'd then get at me, TEXACO"... your whole life = FAGGOT FUCKENTRY... dirty dingy fag boy
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 10 Mar 2011 12:26 pm
BITCH I aint gotta try shit YOU COME AT ME you gone see the BACK OF MY HAND on SITE you and your dude



angry bird ass bitch
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 10 Mar 2011 12:36 pm
fightin dudes and shit dont no female do that shit

Only FAGGOT Ass butch Lesbians
by Kimfan @ 10 Mar 2011 12:48 pm
All yall r stupid. I'm here for kim and I think its pathetic and yall nicki (sicki) fans wastin your time on kim's blog talking shit when you can talk shit about her on nicki's blog and we will never know cuz we obviously don't care about nicki here. Ignorant ppl. Smh.
by NewEraPrincess @ 10 Mar 2011 02:13 pm
@Rico nobodies as mad as you nuttin butch about me but i will whoop a faggots ass... its nuttin to me... nigga go ride a male rappers jock on here ridin a females... Life is sad huh... and @Kimfan... SMH at you too dumb broad Kims fans be on Nickis blogs harder than this so get real... See that the thing its iether your wit Kim or Nicki but truth of the matter is Kim fans do the same thing Nickis fan do so i say U knockin Nicki is inadvertingly knocking Kim There nuttin ignorant about it sweetie and you puttin your 2 cents in is exactly wat your callin ingorant... People are so uneducated now a days its sad... Rico bottom line your gay and your opinion matters to nobody but your self... and to be honest wit you my nigga would merk u i seen your flicks and what your about aint nuttin hood about you so dont misrepresent yourself because reality is your a BITCH... matter of fact a silly BITCH... It aint about being butch cuz im far from butch its about never backing down and niggas like you who talk we call u fag boys walkie talkies... and thats real Rico Hopes your wack and so is Everything u stand for
by follow@RicoLopes915 @ 10 Mar 2011 06:21 pm
#Tornado Pussy MAKE it MAKE it MAKE it MAKE it RAIN TRICK lol
by Fucknikkifan @ 11 Mar 2011 10:55 pm
Dumbass lame bitch you can't even spell "nicki" garbaj's name right so you aint no real fan. And besides that, nicki sucks life so like that other person said have fun at that wack azz tour, ugly nigger bitch. And nicki is black too so she's a nigger also. Fuck all simpleminded idiots like u.
by Shirelle @ 18 Apr 2011 08:48 pm
OMG, and they have the nerve to call us ignorant.....SMH
by Shaniuhh @ 28 Apr 2011 09:51 am
Aiqht So Ima Say Whats on Ma Mind Whether Any Nicki Fan Likes it Or Not ,Yhu Comin Up On this Site Is Makinq Yall Look Like Fake Hatinn Bitches. Obviously Yhur Takinq Tyme Outta Yhur Dayy To Look @What Kim Is Doinq With Her life. Yall Post Stupid Shit Cus Yall Madd That The Queen Came Bak & Nicki Is Fallinq Down The Drain. If Youu That Mad , Go Write In Yhur Cheap Ass Diary Cus Us Kim Fans Dont Wanna Listen To Yall Lil Ass Kidss Cryyyy & Complain About How Yall Idol Is Failinq At Life , This Site Is For KIM FANS & KIM FANS ONLY! Youu Look Real Kiss Ass Comin Up On Here Talkin Yhur Mess . #RealTalk .
If Yhuu Feel Offended , Then That Means That This Msq Goes Out To Yhuu :)
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