Lil Kim Responds to TMZ Article

The celebrity site reported yesterday that Lil' Kim had racked up more than $1 million in unpaid taxes.

Kim's publicist responded to the article by releasing the following statement:

"It is a known fact that for some time TMZ has been running stories on celebrities or well known persons of interest and providing the general public and media with publicly accessible information on random celebrities and their private matters with the internal revenue service, this [sic] does not come as a surprise, as it is Tax Season and is a sell-able media opportunity,it is for no other reason that Kimberly Jones (a/k/a: LIL' KIM) is now the target of such random media scrutiny. As it pertains to the story that was ran on TMZ (February 4,2012) regarding Lil' Kim, we would like to inform fans, media, and the general public, that LIL' KIM has hired professional attorneys to handle this matter (embellished by all standards via the media), and that she, along with her team of legal experts are working cooperatively and diligently with the I.R.S and federal authorities to amicably resolve the situation."

Posted on 05 Feb 2012 by LilKimZone

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by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 10:44 am
laughing WOW I am really being stalked!!!!! I should take out a restraining order on this giraffe CUNT! SO from henceforth stalker, you get the BLANK STARE which means your coochie mouth is BLOCKED! laughing

Damn where the black friday tour?
kim droopy titty ass can't even rap no more
Nicki is the queen now fried kim like she french
Wee wee raggedy stinky coochies play the bench tongue laughing
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 12:20 pm
You get the blank stare shit stains that's right the blank gay stare shit stains! angry

Anywho shit stains nicki minaj is all over the place right now i love it! meanwhile im still in my basement finger fucking my fat nasty ashy hole and eating the crust of shit stuck in my fingernails yummmyy shit stains! tongue

I also tried eating the toejam off my grandma but dizzayum! her toejam was better than my toejam shit stains! it tasted like puss with nasty ass and boiled rotten eggs mmmmh soo good! tongue

So yeah shit stains imma do me all day every day bloodclots! fuck you shit stained crusty busted biotches!....well time to finger fuck myself! wink
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 12:26 pm
Im back! so soon? thats right bloodclot shit stains! im back biotches crusty lab rats! i just headed to the restroom real quick to throw up my grandmas toejam and brush off the shit stuck on my teeth from eating out my grandmas booty hole yum! tongue

what you know about that! who the fuck want toejam!? i know i do mmmmmhhhh tooeejaaammm shit stains tongue

so yeah bloodclot stained lab rats my underwear are so crusty and moisty with shit stuck i havent washed them in 12 months and im still rocking them when i walk they feel very crusty stiff and ruff but i love it! all my nastiness is in my underwear yumm i cant wait to munch on them! mhhhh muunccchhh ooon theeemmm! tongue
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 12:30 pm
laughing WOW i really am being stalked shit stains so what! i am a fat nasty busted precious lookalike ashy crusty man and i loove it!
biotches shit stains! what the bloodclot!? what the fucken bloodclot biotches?! imma do me all day everyday tongue
by Long.Live.TheQueen<3. @ 08 Feb 2012 12:32 pm
i love you lil' kim we rooting for you mamma! we ride till we die for you!
by KIM FAN @ 08 Feb 2012 01:14 pm
nicki can go suck on one of her faggot fans booty hole
wit her 2 ass min cameo at the Super Bowl sister said she blinked her eye once and the Bitch was GONE!

laughing laughing
by beatsme @ 08 Feb 2012 01:30 pm
everybody want to talk about kim! wink
by Alnisa @ 08 Feb 2012 02:31 pm
we have to get female rap together and it is going to take lil kim to do it. lil kim you started this sexy rap chick fad, we need you to turn back to something more postive. Nikki just followed your lead.. you are the leader in all this we need you to step up and set a better example because nikki is so mislead and just don't get it! please kim the rap game needs you, don't leave us like this..
by FUCK KIMZONE @ 08 Feb 2012 04:20 pm
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 04:23 pm
Shit stains i have nonstop diarreah ugh omg shit stains! angry

i ate rotten beans last night with toejam and the scent of ass and shit and i woke up with diarreah squirting out of my butthole like a waterhose oh my goosh! I was squirming and wiggiling around cause the shit just shooted out! angry

ugh never again shit stains never bloodclots! Well labrats anyone know of a cure for this shitty diarreah i looked at the toilet and i saw nicki minaj spelled in my shit i was like yaaaayyy! At least i did that i am excited and happy shit stains tongue

what the bloodclots?! So yeah i fingered my bootyhole well actually i fist fucked myself and when i took out my fist BAM! There was ashy crusty bloody shit all in my fist and i licked it allll offff bloodclots yummmmmmmm! tongue
by KingB101 @ 08 Feb 2012 04:56 pm
Long Live Lil' Kim the Queen of Rap & Hip hop! our legendary/Icon!!!!!!!<3.
by DAHOTNIG @ 08 Feb 2012 07:17 pm
Yo cunt holes shit stan,labrats guess what queen nicki is on the front of this magazine called clowns smile I was so happy when my boyfriend bought it for me he said the magazine is perfect for me crying well I guess ill go finger my fathers ass and then lick the fingers I put up there mmmmmmmm!!! wink me and queen nicki are winning awards crying
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 07:34 pm
I love the smell of shit winkanybody that has shit stains on the underwear let me know ill pay 25 dollars,i have a special if you have diarrae on 50 dollars sad thats all I do is finger shitty assholes and constantly do it to my huge ass crying I think my boyfriend whose another wit ou t a life wants to leave me he says hes tired of me shittin on his lil dick sad what to do? I need to find a man whose is uncut and has formonda cheese around his dick mmmm it tastes so good crying but me and queen nicki are winning awards tongue you bloodclot shit stans whats krimilin doin she is defenatly gone to beat out nicki I know that but were winning awards sad
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 09:23 pm
Shit stains im back! thats right bloodclots im mo'fucking back mo'fuckas! tongue

I just wanted to let you all know that today i got me some diiick! uncut and had formonda cheese around his dick mmmm it tasted yummy i actually used his formonda cheese and applied it on my bagel for breakfast instead it was a little salty and tasted sour..ish but i enjoyed i gagged a little at first angry

But it was yummy overall i also rubbed his formonda cheese all over my body and left it to dry 5 hours later i was sticky and stank like i always do except i smelled very bad like fucking ass with dirty dick just the way this bitch likes it! tongue

Thats right bloodclot labrats i am a bitch avalanche flow laaabbraaatttss! well off i go to make me some pancakes with formonda cheessee mmmmmmmhhhh soooo fucking goooddd mmmmh shit stains mmmh oh my im having an orgasm! wassat
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 10:01 pm
laughing I am so honored that such a pig pussy like this person is obsessed with ME!! I love it! Anyhow on to the only female rapper that matters!!!

Queen Nicki is gonna rock this Sunday's Grammys, THEN she's on Regis and Kelly Feb 15th, Rocking NBA All Star Weekend on Feb 26th in Orlando (I may go.) Then jettin off to London, DAMN dats what a working rapper's itinerary looks like. NOT judging a look a like contest in lame ass West Palm Beach!?!?! laughing

Daaamn Billboard
I mean we winnin Grammys but we still bored
Yea we shine high beams
Iron that wrinkle face bitch high steam
laughing laughing
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 10:17 pm
Im so honored that my pig fat busted nasty busted ass is being hated by all the stalkers keep stalking my pig ass oink oink! laughing

anywho nicki is winning bloodclots while my fat pig ass is in my basement smelling my toejam keep hating on me labrats im the pig up in this bitch! smile
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 10:20 pm
Whos the fat pig up in here? I am oink oink! smile

keep hating bloodclots shit stains! Fuck you all! Oink! tongue
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 10:23 pm
All you labrats want this pig to shut his fat pig throut up! But this fat pig wont! Oink! I will squeal all i want shitstains! angry
by DaHotNig @ 08 Feb 2012 10:26 pm
I am so honored that you labrats are stalking this fat pig nonstop haha makes me squeal oink oink oink oink oink! smile
by Bzzzz! @ 09 Feb 2012 04:49 am
From now on we will just call you OINK! laughing
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 05:54 am
Im back and so happy (snapfingers) me and queen nicki are winning awards you soliman bloodclot cunts i love that people think of me ass pig oynk oynk crying why do I always have to toejam in the morning I usually lick it off but my fat ass sister was hungry this morning angry so I had no breakfast but queen is gone to bomb out at the grammys that friggen hoe went pop on me but were winning awards sad I have had enough I think ill go beat up an old lady and take her purse cause I dont have no money you bloodclot cunts go suck on your mommas old ass tittie angry I have rights to you know!! wink I love fartin in my sisters face winkoh did I tell you stupid hoe got banned from everywhere but were winning sad
by aladdin @ 09 Feb 2012 06:41 am
poof he's gone bitch! haha!
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 07:35 am
Good morning you fried onion cunts!! Aren't you all excited to see Nicki make HISTORY AGAIN THIS WEEKEND? Queen Nicki is MAKING history while kim IS HISTORY laughing laughing

How does that new 5 song EP sound team kim? Oh I forgot IT NEVER HAPPENED! Just like that wack friday tour, tees, label, clothing line. Dayum this bitch is DEAD tongue laughing
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 07:46 am
Im back!!! You creaky pussies and dirty dicks angry my boyfriend just left hes tired of me talkin about queen nicki he thinks she has a creaky pussy angry who does he think he is ill put my toejam toes in his mouth(snap fingers) tongue but you all are bloodclot shit stans like I got in,my fruit of the loom underwear,i like smelling my underwear after I fart and leave shit stans on them sad im such a disgrace to myself and my dirt ball family sad but I like old men that got shit stans and formonda around there dick I lick,lick,lick and love,love,love it crying well im gone to take my fat dirty ass and go beat up my sister or an old lady cause I have no life angry nicki and me are winning,yall go suck on an elephants balls you creaky pussies,i just wish I was one of the cheerleaders in madonnas video,but I think they wouldve all laughed at me when they seen what I looked liked sad im a sad homo that has so many issues sad
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 08:04 am
Good morning you fried onion cunts. You all thought that I was kiddin when I said queen nicki will be at the superbowl makin history? Well I was kiddin(snap fingers) if queen botchie wins a grammy on sunday she wont share it with me angry that cunt were winning I thought? angry I love being stalked on here and being clowned tongue cause my fat ass dont go nowhere even my so called boyfriend whose fatter then me loves krim more then me wheres that playin at? angry I told him im not gone to put my fat ass in his face nomore cause he be diggin out the shit I got up my ass thats dried up for weeks and I look forward to that crying you labrats! tongue but its cool he knows anytime he comes over it will always be in there tongue whats wrong wit that im so what normal in a weird kind of way sad I got to go I have to go pick up the latest issue of clowns magazine queen nicki is on the front of it wit elmo yayyyy elmo,and blues clues are my friends smile and queen nickis to tongue
by everywherewego @ 09 Feb 2012 08:13 am
@dahotnig im starting to LIKE you now as your post are beginning to display the REAL you. wink but i LOVE lil kim!
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 08:32 am
Anyone knows when I actually post. My posts make sense, my grammar is amazing, and I don't use a bunch of smileys to give my posts character!! My words are great enough!

So to my stalker you ain't doing shit but showing my influence over all you cunt holes. I am KING of the ZONE, know that!

Now baby bop where dat EP? Where is kim buried because that bitch is DEAD! laughing
by one mic @ 09 Feb 2012 09:23 am
All I have to say is get ready Missy elliot is droping an album this summer & its a gonna be fire... you know she is gonna calab wit kim O and to you nicki stans wait till team missy comes for tht ass I don't know if you know tht kim fans are also missy fans so we will still be on your head just with a larger fan base so get ready for tht bitches & don't let kim & missy & timberland drop & the same time.... Haha nicki stans ain't ready for this but I am lego team blanco laughing
by KIM FAN @ 09 Feb 2012 09:49 am
What History? laughing

Half of the damn viewrs didn't even see homie the clown Pom! Pom! around laughing DaBitchNig thought she would have her own stage set laughing
by KIM FAN @ 09 Feb 2012 09:53 am
Kim aint got nothing to worry about it's obviously this is Pure HYPE at it's best because yu ALL know homie da clown music sucks assssss. tongue
by Teamkim @ 09 Feb 2012 10:11 am
To all you fake ass so called lil kim fans, stans eat a dick did you bitches know that wayne owes the irs 5 million? I smell young money written all over that article about kim because kim is being quiet lately and they want kim to respond. Any way kim doesn't owe that much otherwise you would already be in jail. You what god gave all of us a brain. Thats all.
by Teamkim @ 09 Feb 2012 10:18 am
Also kim is coming. You bitches real believe kim hasnt been working? Kim has enough material to put out 6 to 7 albums. Do the math. For the record hardcore kim is coming back sooner than you think. Be afraid be very afraid.
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 11:55 am
My grammar is on point and amazing to all those shit staind haiting on me calling me DaFagPig shut up biotches! angry

Anywho the queen nicki minaj is making mega hits today! and whats kim doing?
who knows. But umm my fat pig ass is about to eat a gram of toejam,
formonda dick cheese and my grammas fat
pussy mmmh yummy shit stains tongue
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 01:30 pm
Im back Oink oink oink(squealing!) you Shit stains need to lay off the sack!
I have proper amazing grammar labrats,
nicki is doing her well who knows laughing

I just finished my gram of toejam i
ordered from 5 different people
all around the world, it was very good a little sour and salty it smelled alot like rotten eggs with puss, but i enjoyed it, yummm! tongue

Anywho my fat pig ass is about to hog on a plate of toejam, shit, formonda dick cheese and the salty skin that peels off a foot with fungus and crust, oh my gooossshhh sooo gooood!
cannot wait! tongue

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh tongue

Keep haiting shit stained labrats!
by Lisa<3 @ 09 Feb 2012 01:33 pm
lmao! "DaFagPig" had me rolling! lil kim all day everyday i miss you kimmy come back! the rap hip hop world misses lil kim!
by TeamkimNY @ 09 Feb 2012 02:33 pm
Still no music&#128545; Kim you need to get your shit together man I'm tired of listens to your old shit now &#128545;

Nicki is performing at the Grammys & all star game smh

Kim really needs to get out them clubs and get in the studio Cus this bitch is looking like a bozo right now&#128545;

Kim get it right Cus you fucking up big time shit
My ass will be dead by the time she drop a fucking album shit&#128545;
by Queen bee kimmberly @ 09 Feb 2012 02:47 pm
I ain't visit this site in a long time I see ain't shit change and what I mean by that is.. That Kim ain't got no new hit music out yet! I'm bout to just give up on Kim Cus this shit ain't working Kim ain't had a album out in 5 years this bitch needs to put something out ASAP! But no she rather worry about floyd maywheather, clubs, nicki Minaj, dick,
That's all it's sad
by Hardcore brother @ 09 Feb 2012 05:20 pm
Nicki stole kims barbie image and missy s style of rapping.I cant wait for missy to release her new album,then that clown will finally have competion.Then dafagpig is probaby gonna hate on missy again,because his a obssed nicki fan.
by TRUTH @ 09 Feb 2012 07:00 pm
by qb2012takeover @ 09 Feb 2012 07:33 pm
its all about the qb! wink
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 08:25 pm
Ummmm kim is gonna be in West Palm Beach tomorrow hosting a look a like contest at this small ass club laughing

I might go as the IRS and scare dat bitch out the club!

I bet kim pussy look just like her lacefront! Old, matted, mildewed, hairy, big, long, greasy, stank pussy laughing sad
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 09:07 pm
Oink oink oink (squeals!)!Ummmm kim is gonna be in West Palm Beach tomorrow hosting a look a like contest at this small ass club and my busted pig ass will be eating toejam with ass crust and finger fucking myself in my basement shit stains.

I might go but nobody wants to see my pig fat ass oinking in the club or even squealing! oink oink!

My fat ass looks like my face, busted, crusty, ashy, dry, flaky and the list goes ooon and on! wink

Anywho biotches my pig fat ass is gonna go hog on a can of yeast from my grandmas fat ashy pussy and a plate of her butthole crust that she sweated out when she took a 5 hour walk in the hot sun, yummm shit stains, oh! and toejam, mmmmh toejam yummy! mmh so good mmmmh oooh gossh mmmmh! tongue
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 09:37 pm
let me tell you something you bloodclot,rats from the lab kim is hosting a look alike contest and im just got to play wit my dirty ass and dirty feet for awhile crying thats the only pleasure I get except when im on here trying to clown krim ohhhh but my pimp game is so oh wait a minute,i have no pimp gamesad oh but my grammer amazing oh but wait all I do is try to clown krim but let me tell you all winning awards tongue everybody that lives on block are crack heads my house is crack house central I got people goin in and out all day while im licking these crackheads dirty feet I told them all there better be toejam on them feet or ill scratch there eyes out angry I use toejam for everything wink YOU BLOODCLOT CUNTS,QUEEN NICKI BOUGHT HER MOM A FORE CLOSE HOME DAMN QUEEN BOUCHY I THOUGHT YOUR MONEY WAS LONG. IM SORRY BUT WHEN IT COMES TO KRIM I GET THE SHAKES I DONT KNOW WHAT SHE PLANNING NEXT? I NEED TO KNOW CAUSE SHD WILL NOT BEAT QUEEN NICKI I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT(snapfingers) ok you chnt holes dont fuck with me cause im the clown you dont want to mess with I have rights damn your eyes. Hey baby bop fuck you and your ep,see I told you all that song was made for me to tongue
by Teamkim @ 09 Feb 2012 09:57 pm
Remember when lil kim said in how many licks niggas will do anything for a lil kim poster? Go on worldstar there is a man who states that dudes where stabbing others dudes in prison over lil kim's famous hardcore poster.
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 10:27 pm
laughing Oink Oink Oink! Wow you shitty lab cunts just can't get enough of me the Queeen! yes the Queen i hate being a King!
whatever pack of idiot bitches just because i showered in pigs blood and squealed my way home today doesn't mean
i cant defend myself cunt holes! laughing

I am the queen of this place biotches!
the mo'fucking Queen Pig aka oink oink!
so i got fist fucked today hardcore status i was squealing so loud my partner said if i didn't keep it down he would roast my fat pig oinker ass and feed me to the coyotes shit stains! sad

I nearly sharded my pants, well i did but anywho after i ate his precious
ashy crusty fat cunt hole i took off
all his toejam with my teeth mmmh!
it was soo yummy!
then i ate my grandma's fat, old, crusty, saggy, dry, ashy and moldy pig cunt and gagged a lil but i keept it moving! tongue

Shit stains Nicki Minaj is making bucks and im stuck in my basement covered in pigs blood and a gallon of toejam from all around nationwide! tongue
by ILoveYouLil'Kim @ 09 Feb 2012 10:30 pm
I love you big momma even if you never came back you will still always be my queen! we miss you tho!<3.
by Teamkim @ 09 Feb 2012 11:37 pm
Good news according to kim management team we will be getting some suprises pertaining to lil kim next week. The time has come.
by DaHotNig @ 09 Feb 2012 11:43 pm
laughing WOW you cunt holes are mad stalkers, keep haiting shit stains im the pig
up in this oinker cant nobody squeal like me wink

Lab cunts need to get a life and lay of my fat porker pig ass cunt holes.

So nicki minaj is growing bigger, krim is nowhere to be seen or heard of, im still in my basement covered in cow shit and pork blood and my fat porker ass almost got hogged by a bunch of coyotes i was oinking my way home
one of the coyotes bit my ass and i squealed so loud that shit came out leaving a trail of pork shit to my way home you know my basement

OINK OINk OINK OINK!(squeals!) my fat busted ass about to get snached by a pack of
niggas trying to eat my pork ass off i go!angry

OINk OINk Oink oink................SQUEAL!.
by DaHotNig @ 10 Feb 2012 12:15 am
laughingUgh you labcunts need to seriously stop, like why the fuck are you copying my name? Get your own monkey dried cunt.

Fucking stalker fan bloodclot cunt! Go suck on a gorillas cock cunt bitch! You bitches all delusional crusty pussies!
by DaHotNig @ 10 Feb 2012 12:18 am
Stupid fuckin cunt hole labrats! Go suck krimlins loose aged cunt fuck! laughing

Seriously leave me alone ugh! So annoying lowlife cunt pussies

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