Lil Kim and Keyshia Cole Square Off On Twitter

(source: Keyshia Cole and Lil Kim went at each other, publicly via Twitter, on Wednesday (May 18), denouncing their "friendship", beginning with a short revelation by Cole.

On Wednesday morning, Cole began ranting about being snubbed by BET, following the nominee announcement for their 2011 BET Awards where she was not up for a single award for her 2010 album, Calling All Hearts.

And while putting her cards on the table, Cole said Kim was just a collaborator in music, and not a person she considers "a friend."

"N while we're addressing everything, Lil Kim and I a r not 'friends' I take that term very seriously. We made wonderful music. That is it," wrote Keyshia (@KeyshiaCole), who collaborated with Kim on her 2007 hit single "Let It Go."

Earlier this year, Kim accused Nicki Minaj of dissing herself and Mary J. Blige on Keyshia Cole's single "I Ain't Thru," which she held Cole accountable for.

The Queen Bee caught wind of Keyshia's comment on Twitter Wednesday, and fired back in a series of tweets (@LilKim), which sparked a Twitter sparring match between the two. Below is Kim's responses:

- U got that right. We are not friends. The same way U take friendship seriously i take loyalty serious.

- The whole world has seen me extend my hand to u over and over again.

- Only someone who's trying to build a sincere relationship does shows 4 free & supports. u did not pay me a dime 4 none of that.

- That warrants some type of loyalty and respect.

- Friend or no friend i would have never let anybody disrespect u on my record but i can't expect everyone to be as real as i am.

- At the end of the day karma is as real as i am and it's coming to get u. oh wait…if it hasnt got u already...

- My love & loyalty to u got u a hit, ur friendship with ur friend got u a flop.

- looks like u need to choose ur friends more wisely dont u think? #teamlilkim LEGGGGOOOO

- Loyalty and respect has nothing to do with friendship...BOOM

- Loyalty and respect is about returning a kindness. Have you ever came out and supported me at my shows? i dont think so.

- Yes it was a good look for me but it was a great look for u. At the end of the day it was a hit on YOUR album.

- Sticking 2 the situation. Again I would have never let anyone disrespect U on my song. That's loyalty & respect. End of story.

After that, Keyshia responded:

- Kim that was a gr8 look 4 I coming out of jail just as it was a gr8 look for missy to have produced it.

- all I'm saying is don't have everyone thinking I was disloyal as a "friends" cause we were never that and u know it. No disrespect.

- I don't have beef with anyone. I'm done. I feel the way I feel about friendship and loyalty. I ain't never been fake. All I'm saying.

Posted on 19 May 2011 by LilKimZone

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