Rockwilder Plays Sample of Kim's New Song 'Looks Like Money' on UStream

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Posted on 29 Aug 2011 by LilKimZone

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by Phillyboy @ 30 Aug 2011 02:08 pm
@esmiley I didnt even think of that ur rite. I was even thinkin that before I said when she is quie

@esmiley yo I didnt even think about that,i was thinkin to when she is quiet she is workin and doin what she got to do make sure her shit rite right

wink wink wink
by Relle @ 30 Aug 2011 03:43 pm
YES, Nicki looked HAM, a hot ass mess!!! Then she said Lil Wayne was the best rapper alive... That chic is too MF funny!!! #TeamLilKim all day baby!
by DaHotNig @ 31 Aug 2011 07:51 am
@relle you frog pussy smellin bitch! At least Nicki actually has a reason to be out in the public eye ya know winning awards and performing over the globe. Meanwhile kim can't help but look a shitty mess cuz that face is botched like yours you funky cunt!

Catch Queen Nicki LIVE tonight on America's Got Talent performing another #1 hit "Where dem girls at". It's Nicki BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH laughing
by ju ju bean @ 31 Aug 2011 10:34 am
Lil'Kim is not on Vma or nothing but she still beats the new people OMG she beat lady gaga nicki cant even do that in nothing but hahahahaah to the haterz i love u kim cant wait for single to drop im hype up #Team lil'Kim black Friday Bitch
by ju ju bean @ 31 Aug 2011 10:39 am
Lil'Kim-No Time
(Hard Core 1996)

Lil'Kim-Black Friday
(Black Friday Mixtape 2011)

17 years inculdeing her in Junior Mafia Kimmy Balonco still got it and to everyone that is judgeing kims fans off facebook come on know kim fans are older n probly dont do facebook but the younger usually to and for a has been she has a good amount Boo Boo
(Evenlyns Voice)
by We Ride 4 Kim @ 31 Aug 2011 10:41 am
Missouri rides 4 Kim please visit your fan down in missouri more babe girl we love u kim fuck nicki minaj #Team Lil'Kim 4 Eva
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 31 Aug 2011 11:16 am
NEW Lil Kim in Table Full of Bottles (AI) feat IRS 2011
by Phillyboy @ 31 Aug 2011 01:32 pm
I have loved kim since 95 and I always been a fan of hers I listen to her freestyles,and her songs everyday on my ipod I will always love queen kim and always stay a fan. Hiphops first bad girl how could u not love her,and I know her haters will say its easy for them to say,I Dont give a fuck team lilkim allday
by rhino @ 31 Aug 2011 08:58 pm
It's funny how she mentions Kentucky in this joint, I'm from Kentucky and YES we fucks wit real music. Kim is the shit in Louisville, Ky, STILL. wink
by KIM FAN @ 31 Aug 2011 09:05 pm
ALLLL Shiiiit! lol i'm feelin dat irs "table full of bottles"
by moni @ 31 Aug 2011 10:57 pm
yeh im feelin " tables full of bottles" goes INN!
by MICHAEL @ 01 Sep 2011 07:43 am
by DaHotNig @ 01 Sep 2011 09:01 am
On this BEAUUUUTIFUL day I have some great news for you all. Nicki did this GLAMOUR magazine shoot that is amazing. In this article we now find out that Pink Friday has sold over 2million copies worldwide.

The "Fly" video just dropped so you know that's about another 500,000 albums sold at least. Ittttttt's BARBIE BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!

by DaHotNig @ 01 Sep 2011 11:23 am
2mill in 9 months is what i'm talkin bout willis
Got kim in da crib bout to end it like phyllis
Nicki did it 2 years what kim ain't do in 20
If you talkin bout cash nigga we got plenty
If the trunk is in the back then you ain't got no racks
And if you opening for 50 you ain't got no stacks
The only thing on our wall is platinum plaques
Now that's the naked truth team minaj flop proof

by esmiley @ 01 Sep 2011 01:16 pm
@DaHotMess-you a lame ass sissy ass dick in the booty ass nigga. we dont give a fuck about no clown ass nicki fool! thats like a ford guy braggin about a chevrolet, i dont make sense. go to nicki web sites with the latest nicki news AIDS havin ass faggot.
by O_o @ 01 Sep 2011 06:00 pm
@DaHivNig bitch sit yo punk ass down you sick ass vampire wassat your t cells are -2million you sick bastard and the bitch dicki dumaj is not at no 2 mill. why are u still on lkz sayin lil kim this, lil kim that, she wack, but still banging lil kim tracks wassat wassat go somewhere and take your aids meds you fuck boy X___________________ wassat
by AAroN @ 01 Sep 2011 06:55 pm
LIL KIM has another single coming out around the same time as #lookslikemoney called #deadgirlwalkin!!! Look out for that shit too..
by Phillyboy @ 01 Sep 2011 07:37 pm
I wonder what the song dead girl walkin Is about???? Can anybody think of anything??? wink tongue tongue
by TRUTH @ 02 Sep 2011 05:30 am
by KIM FAN @ 02 Sep 2011 06:10 am
thses strugglin rappers I tell ya smh laughing
by KIM FAN @ 02 Sep 2011 06:20 am
these strugglin rappers I tell ya smh YM must've denied yu a record deal and I can see why laughing

but on the real i really fucks with dat irs joint!
by Queen Bitch @ 02 Sep 2011 12:43 pm
Pink friday is not double platinum it's platinum however superass is! U shitty fans are stupid!
by KIM FAN @ 02 Sep 2011 12:48 pm
checkout the 2001 Ruby Wax interview with The Queen Bee pt. 1, 2 and 3. classic rare footage smile
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 02 Sep 2011 01:01 pm
Pink Friday is NOT double platinum!!!! Only her single is, theres is a big difference btwn Album and Singles going Platinum, Lil Kim has numerous Platinum and Double Platinum Singles including her Platinum Albums

So I guess congratz on Old Nicks FIRST platinum SInGLE and it only took like ten radio songs off the album to finally land a hit lol i guess if you shoot enough arrows youll make the mark sooner or later, i guess keep trying BITCH but you will never catch up to LIL KIM
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 02 Sep 2011 03:16 pm
by Phillyboy @ 02 Sep 2011 03:52 pm
I cant wait to here her spitin to deadgirlwalkin laughing laughing laughing
by greg @ 06 Sep 2011 09:00 am
We Kim fans got to get on our grind buy Kim shit need to vote an kill record sales
by kll19 @ 14 Sep 2011 09:50 am
wink I know this track will be on every single mixtape as soon as the full song is released. Hit the ground running Queen. get your paper first before they all eat of your plate.
by Idiotaroteobe @ 09 Oct 2011 07:06 pm
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