Recording for Kim's New Album to Begin in 2012

Jaywan, the A&R at Universal Music, who announced on his Twitter page back in August that he had signed Lil' Kim, revealed yesterday on Twitter that recording for Kim's new album is set to begin in the 1st quarter of 2012.

Click Here to watch a clip of Kim performing OD.

Posted on 23 Oct 2011 by LilKimZone

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by The Notorious O.N.E @ 24 Oct 2011 09:57 am
Im a pink faggot that wears pink wigs.


The Notorious O.N.E

"Shitted On' Em!".
by esmiley @ 24 Oct 2011 10:41 am
@DaHotMess- you need to be worried about you AIDS medication. your asshole leakin bloodclots and maggots. your too obsessed with lilkim, why dont you hop on nicki minaj's team. you spend too much time on lilkimzone, your a traitor. you south florida niggas are so dirty, bitch go bathe in bleach. go to the dentist, your breath smells like gadaffi's dead body. i bet you got long dreads, aint washed your sticky ass hair in decades. and im more than sure you have a mouth full of gold teeth, doookie smellin ass fuck nigga. lilkim gonna slay ya boy nickolodian tongue tongue tongue
by Kimmy More:) @ 24 Oct 2011 11:01 am
#Team Lil'Kim we will wait because we know when its comes its going be are time to shine but we got Black Friday mixtape too hold on too until her ablum drops
We will always have Queen Bee Back
Team KimmyBaloncoIRS
by DaHotNig @ 24 Oct 2011 12:02 pm
@esmiley laughing is that the best you can do? Damn you actually suck more than kim do!!! Why don't you go suck your moms gray haired clit you pimple face babboon pussy eating bitch! The only stank breath I have is on my dick from you and your mom taking turns sucking you rotten tooth coochie tongue cunt!
by Pathetic @ 24 Oct 2011 12:25 pm
by Trololo @ 24 Oct 2011 12:44 pm
Same Nicki stan changing username = PATHETIC
by Jamal718 @ 24 Oct 2011 01:28 pm
@esmiley yo this nigga @danigga talkin bout nikki new nail polish laughing laughing he be the first one to go buy that shit and put it on! Lame ass faggot get yo mouth busted open!!! laughing laughing
by The Notorious O.N.E @ 24 Oct 2011 01:50 pm
Thats Y U mad....U sleeping on The Notorious O.N.E...zzz ZZZ---ZZEE...DahotNig & Nicki Minaj Pussy is all stank & crinky!

Stealing my USER Name & Signature means...NOTHING!!! It shows U post & comments shut U hoes down. Period

Oh and pink wig...bitch please U got me confused with yo cult leader Sicki Grabaj!!!

So NEXT... smile wink wassat


The Notorious O.N.E
"Stank Pussy Hoe...I'm giving U bath...therometer in hand and I'm coming 4 yo ass!"
by LilKimwantedwar...and LOST @ 24 Oct 2011 03:41 pm
LOL U bitches shouldn't downplay nicki angry this bitch snatching wigs and awards left and right and is ALWAYS in the news since Pink Friday dropped. Not to mention the album number 1. She's built up so much hate, hype, and anticipation among people at this point by the time kim's album drops yall gonna be having your victory. But not for long cuz when nicki's next album drops, IT'S A WRAP. Yall was tired of nicki's alteregos well just wait cuz her next personality gonna be invincible in 2012. You can't fuck wit a bitch that already done so much in 1 year and still aint stoppin. Man, there's no telling how this is gonna end up. It's gonna be a bumpy ride tho. And I aint talking about beef anymore but when nicki's sophomore album hits the streets bitches feelings gon be hurt underestimating queen nicki. Kim aint never gonna be relevant again as long as nicki exist. #Roger dat.
by Jamal718 @ 24 Oct 2011 05:34 pm
damn laughing how many usernames this dumb ass @danigga got its pathetic sad its pathetic when you got to come on lilkim site to talk about nikki and here nail polish that this nigga prolly wearin laughing laughing @danigga a fuckin flake!
by LilKimwantedwar...and LOST @ 24 Oct 2011 07:39 pm
@Jamal718 how much plastic surgery will lil kim get? Me and dahotnig are affiliated mutilating kim stans and this busted site. Looks at nicki's official site compared to this one. COMPLETE SHIT. LOL. You actually have to sign up to be a member on mypinkfriday. This busted ass site allows anyone to comment so I'm obligated to in on weak ass kim stans anytime I like.
by MICHAEL @ 24 Oct 2011 11:10 pm
by David @ 25 Oct 2011 03:29 pm
I love Kim, but she's been announcing for the past few years that she has new music coming out and still NOTHING. I'll believe it when I hear it.
by Danny @ 25 Oct 2011 09:30 pm
DAMMMN are you serious im so disappointed ): Like a TRUE fan however, I'll still wait (:
by Jorgey @ 25 Oct 2011 09:42 pm
Kimmy is actually a real smart business woman. She knows what she is doing. I know for a good fact this album will be amazing. Kim keeps it real unlike other rap artists.
by maranda @ 26 Oct 2011 06:58 pm
Ain't this the same fag who got suspended on Twitter for being #TeamFollowBack what a dumbass Kim done fell off big time #MinajPower!
by miggy @ 26 Oct 2011 09:13 pm
by SOFA KING TREW @ 28 Oct 2011 01:45 am
To Kim Haters
Only reason Onika got famous is 1.The record label behind her And 2.Changing her name. Nicki did whatever it took to rise to fame while Kim was lockedup, look at her now. In my opinion that isnt rap how Kim does rap. We all know Kim rushed her mixtape while working her album plus she gave "Spend A Milli" & "O.D" And those arnt even on the album but i do agree Kim ain't working as hard as she should be fkn relax well just have to wait and see because hers and Nicki`s albums release date are close and also Kim`s worked with Dr. Dre & 50 for their upcoming albums this year

To Kim Fans
K.eep I.t M.oving
Lil Kim's Coming And She Gon' Come Hard Yo You Know Her Style BLACKFRIDAY Says it All, Kims A Legend And Always Gonna Be in Rap. She 15-20 Years Strong. if You Gon' Keep It Real, Keep it K.I.M
by nitti evisu @ 28 Oct 2011 06:28 pm
Kim I'm over it but I'm still a fan. Hope its worth the wait.
by truth @ 29 Oct 2011 07:57 pm
Read Between The Lines It Is What It Is, Kims The Queen B! Since 96
by Ayoo @ 02 Nov 2011 08:01 am
your stuck in denial & its okay yes yes nicki is Queen of hip pop lmfaooooooolaughinglaughing..... Biggie would of been 38 if he was still alive kim was 3 years youger than B.I.G ... Just Fall back like nicki is about to Once Kim comes wit her New New shit !!! tongue tongue
by itsmenkim @ 06 Nov 2011 04:18 pm
lol kim shits on any bitch killing them wit her old shyt

u bitches aint been thru shyt u just minors///fuck u know about stuffing half a brick in ya vaginas//

u in the wrong department this the upper class section//
and u hoes is starting to irritate me like a yeast infection...lil kim

give me one line nicki said thats timeless... none... that bitch weaker than her lame ass fans
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by Amanda Moore @ 10 Dec 2011 02:07 pm
I cant wait until Kim com out...Kim dont have to sell but just her comin out to remind people of who the real queen bee is..where nicki minaj was birthed at...right out of's like kim is coming back out to put a reality check on young little wack gay ass roman boy. Nicki fake is nothing her whole fame is comin from the fact that she trying to use kim style thats why she got attention anyway. Nicki cant even dress...everytime I see her in the magazine she is in the worst dress section. Even Lil Wayne dissed nicki minaj in vibe magazine just recently. She is wack..wack ass make up wack everything. The only reason why Gay Roman Boy got some hype is because she sucked the shit stains out of waynes ass and he gave her a shot to use the cash money label to get some buzz. I cant stand her fake lil kim ass. I love kim because kim is orginal something that nicki minaj never had orginatily. Kim can come out 50 more time and be Kim, Nicki has to find other people styles to stay into he game.
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by greeckjenss @ 15 Jan 2012 05:23 am
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by Tinker Bell @ 14 Mar 2012 07:17 am
And Nicki gets no respect oh pls its just a hate or love situation.
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