Lil Kim to Perform in Britain

( Lil Kim has been added to the line-up for this year's Lovebox festival, marking the rapper's first performance in the UK for more than 10 years.

The pint-sized 'Lighters Up' rapper will be taking to the stage at London's Victoria Park on the weekend of July 19th-21st where she will be joined by a whole list of big names including Azealia Banks, Plan B, Wiley, D'Angelo, Rudimental, AlunaGeorge and Disclosure.

Lil Kim last performed in the UK in 2001 where she headlined London's Kentish Town Forum, not long after the release of her chart-topping collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Pink and Mya on 'Lady Marmalade.'

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Lil Kim Sued For $15 Million Over Licensing Deal Gone Sour

( Lil Kim is being sued for "diva-like behavior" which her former business manager says caused him millions and millions of dollars in endorsement deals.

Andrew Ro says his company, International Rock Star Corp, signed a licensing deal with Kim in August 2012 and planned to roll out serious products.

A perfume line, clothing line, vodka drink, energy drink, Steve Madden shoe line, a honey maker, you name it. But Kim basically torpedoed the deal.

According to Ro, Lil Kim is a menace who refused to come to meetings unless she was being paid extra, making it hard to get this all off the ground.

Moreover, when a project was finally executed - specifically her perfume - Kim refused to promote anything and even stopped taking their calls.

Kim then fired off cease and desist letter regarding future projects, and then filed a lawsuit claiming that the IRS tricked her into a bad licensing deal.

As a result, Ro has now fired back with his own lawsuit, claiming Lil Kim's to blame and her antics cost his company at least $15 million.

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Kim in Vegas to Support Floyd Mayweather

Picture credit: melanie_collins (instagram) (Picture 2), andreashale (instagram) (Picture 3), and Lil' Kim's official Twitter account (Picture 1).

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Jay-Z Video Behind Scenes

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Kim Talks New Music with Wetpaint and XXL

Wetpaint Interview
Lil’ Kim’s been gone for a minute, but she’s back with a much anticipated jumpoff! In the last two years, the Queen Bee has kept busy hyping her long-awaited return to hip-hop with projects like her “Black Friday” mixtape and singles such as “If You Love Me.”

But as is the case with many veteran femcees who dominated ‘90s hip hop, it's been a decade since fans have enjoyed a full Lil’ Kim studio album.

But good news, Team Kim, as Ms. Blanco has recently tweeted her return to the studio.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with Kim at her Gramercy Theatre show in New York City on Friday, April 26, and she dished some new album deets and discussed the reemergence of female hip hop.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Kim, your upcoming album is perhaps the most-anticipated album in hip-hop right now! Bangladesh [who’s produced Missy Elliott and Rihanna] is producing your album, correct?

Lil’ Kim: Yes, he’s executive-producing it. And we do have other producers working on the album, as well; but the first single that’s coming out in late June/first week of July is produced by Bangladesh, for sure.

Does the first single have a name?

I want to give you the name…but I’m trying to see if I can give you a good clue!

Can you at least tease it for the fans?

[Pauses contemplatively] Sweet dessert! [Laughs]

Sweet dessert! You’ve been hinting at sweets when teasing your new album. You recently described recording this album as baking and presenting a cake.
Exactly! [Laughs]

That’s cute, though! Now let’s expand a bit: We’re now seeing a shift in female hip-hop where the veteran rap chicks from the ‘90s are starting to come back into the game. Eve’s about to drop, rumor has it that Foxy’s back in the studio, and now you’re gearing up with more music. How do you feel about trailblazing that movement again?

I think it’s important because we [female rappers] were — and are — a major part of hip-hop. When we were coming up in the game, the music we made was such a major change; it was important to music at the time. [Now] the synergy is lined up! The game has been so male-dominated for so long. With all the women coming back now, this is a way where we get kind of even.

Yes, for sure! And you’re also breaking a new artist named Tiffany Foxx.

That’s my baby! She’s so fun, she’s so creative, and she’s such a star — I love her. I really just want her to win. I also have another artist who’s a guy named Young Goldie. We have a new hit called “1Hunnit”, ‘cause you gotta keep it 100 no matter what!
And once showtime came, “100” is exactly how Kimmie kept it. “People think they know me,” she told the packed Gramercy Theatre audience. “But I love to remain a mystery!”

One temporary mystery surrounding Lil’ Kim is her new album’s official release date. While Kim won’t confirm whether it will drop in 2013, Kim assures fans that she won’t let them down.

“I got a lot of gifts for y’all in the month of June,” she announced. “I’m a deliverer, I promise y’all”.

Looks like we won’t have to wait too long for some new Queen Bee music then!


XXL Interview
Lil’ Kim is focused on making a huge comeback in 2013. The Queen Bee performed at Gramercy Theater Friday night (April 26) to a large audience. She went into fan favorites such as “Twisted,” “Magic Stick” and “Lighters Up.” The Brooklyn rapper wasn’t going to leave the stage without dedicating a few songs to her closest confidant the Notorious B.I.G. She celebrated his life with old interview clips of Big, and had her raucous crowd rhyming along to “Drugs” and “It’s All About the Benjamins.” With 20-plus years in the rap game, these rare appearances show she hasn’t lost her drawing power.

Before the concert kicked off, XXL had a brief conversation backstage with Kim about her latest developments. A veteran such as herself is managing to stay busy with her International Rock Stars label and her new artist Tiffany Foxx. She clears the rumors on the title of her fifth studio album, hints at her new single produced by Bangladesh, and talks about her hiatus from music. Find out what she had to say below.—Eric Diep (@E_Diep), with additional reporting by Sean Ryon (@wallysean)

On her official single:

“I’ve had so many singles that we just put out to feed the streets, but the first official single will be out in May, June or July. [It's] produced by Bangladesh. It’s different.”

On the rumored title of her album, Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen:

“No, [Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen] was just something that my fans tried to push on us. They had their own mind made up of things they want me to do. Songs they want me to make. Vintage was a title I heard. I was like, ‘Cute.’ I like vintage clothes, and everyone knows that, so people were like, ‘Oh, Kim, because your favorite kind of clothes are vintage, why don’t you name the album Vintage?’ I’m like, ‘It’s cute, but no.’ [Laughs]”

On returning to music:

“It feels good. [There's] nothing like a great comeback. I love being the underdog sometimes. Right now, I may be considered an underdog in some specific iconic way. You know what I mean? Sometimes, we have to go into hibernation and regroup. I’m blessed enough to been in the game for a while and still have my beautiful fans and still have the respect. That’s something that gets me going. I’m also fortunate enough to take vacation and take a little hiatus. Relax, and see what the next level I want to go to.”

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