Info On Why Kim's Lovebox Performance Was Cancelled

Music pr Sophie J, reveals real reason Kim didn't perform
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So last weekend was all about LoveBox 3 day festival in London and Sunday 21st July was set to be a historic day as Queen of Hip Hop Lil Kim was set to be one of the head-liners gracing the main stage. This was a date tonnes of Lil Kim’s Killer Bee fans had marked in their diaries for a long time as it was set to be her first UK performance in OVER 10 years and one that of course meant a lot to Kim and her team. Kim and her crew along with her artist and fellow female rapper Tiffany Foxx touched down in London Saturday night and headed straight to rehearsals where they worked through the early hours to ensure that everything was perfect for the big day.

I personally had been in contact with a few members of Kim and Tiffany’s team for a while before this visit so on hearing they were coming to town I decided it would be great to link up with them and arrange an interview with Tiffany to help gain her some more UK exposure on her first visit to the capital! I arrived at the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street to meet Tiffany to do our interview. I would like to note that she was actually EARLY down to the hotel lobby even beating my camera guy so we sat and had a good chat like girls do whilst we waited for my camera guy to arrive. As it was such a beautiful day we decided to go for a stroll (several people commenting on Tiffany’s swag and hair as we went) to find a good spot to film. The interview was A LOT of fun and Tiffany had a great vibe, just a shame about her London accent though but we can work on that! Check the interview out below which includes questions answered that were posted by her fans:

So having watched that interview you will understand just how much this Lovebox performance meant to not only Kim but Tiffany also what with it being her first time EVER in London. In the music industry due to politics and complications sometimes things don’t always go to plan and as you are all aware things did not go at all to plan for Lil Kim and her Lovebox set on Sunday. There have been all sorts of rumours flying around that she rolled up overly late to her set and that she did not want to perform on a smaller stage. I can OFFICIALLY having been with them all afternoon and at the festival as we were going to film their set confirm that those rumours are FALSE!

HERE IS THE TRUTH: There were a number of back to back issues that arose to lead to Kim’s cancellation on the main stage. The first being an unexpected cop search at the hotel on one of the cars containing 4 male models from the UK who were part of the show just as the whole crew were rushing out the hotel to get on their way to the festival. This of course set everyone back in their schedule and caused an unnecessary disruption. However Kim and Tiffany made it to the festival entrance on time and were waiting in the car but their production team and dancers were missing. Kim pleaded with staff to let them in despite those people missing as she was READY and ON TIME to hit the stage and give the fans the show some had travelled all across Europe to come and see. Unfortunately LoveBox held them up at the entrance gate until it then got to a point where her scheduled in slot had been and gone and everyone knows with festivals you cannot change slots around.

Everyone was absolutely gutted and I saw for myself that Kim was visibly upset in the car. This was a huge moment for her and her fans ruined by something that she had no control of. Whatever you may of heard or read about Kim over the weekend or in the past and the stereotypes that get thrust upon a female rapper of her status, she is ALL FOR HER FANS! I witnessed this for myself on Monday 22nd July when she arranged an impromptu meet and greet for the fans. This was also the day I actually got to meet Kim myself properly and talk to her and I have to say she was probably one of the most humble and sweetest I have met since being in the industry. There are a lot of artists on her level and even below who given what happened on Sunday would of possibly had an attitude or just left the country pissed off but Kim was the total opposite. There was AT LEAST 100 true fans that travelled down to the hotel last minute (Kim announced it around 3AM UK time) to come and meet their idol. It actually made me more of a fan of her myself seeing how she was with everyone, there was even a guy who travelled all the way from Spain to see her perform and then make the effort to reach the meet and greet. Loyalty in its highest form! There was girls crying, screaming, it was definitely an emotional and special moment. It was an honour to witness it and spend time with Kim, Tiffany and her amazing team over the 2 days. As far as I am concerned they are welcome back any time. Hopefully she can come and headline my all female showcase end of the year with Tiffany and this time NO ONE will leave disappointed ;)

Posted on 28 Jul 2013 by LilKimZone

Lil' Kim Announces New Mixtape

Lil' Kim announced recently on her Twitter page that she's going to release a mixtape, entitled Hard Core 2 : Back to da Streetz. No further details other than the cover art were provided.

What are your thoughts on the mixtape title "Hard Core 2" ?

Posted on 27 Jul 2013 by LilKimZone

Lil Kim Performs at The Loft in NYC

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Video from Kim's B-day Party

Posted on 24 Jul 2013 by LilKimZone

The Mirror Went to Kim's Meet'n'Greet

Lil' Kim insists she was on time for her Lovebox performance despite organisers cancelling due to lateness

There's no excuse for lateness, as American rapper Lil’ Kim discovered when she had her set at the Lovebox festival cancelled for failing to turn up on time.

Organisers said they had “no option” but to cut her from the bill when she was not ready for her 6:10pm stage slot.

But Kim, 38, tells me it wasn’t her fault.

A source at the East London gig says chaos was reigning on the Victoria Park site in the hairy moments ahead of the star’s scheduled performance over the weekend.

I’m told: “There was absolute panic. Nobody could get hold of her. Organisers didn’t want to have to push back everybody else’s set.

“At 7pm she rocked up with her entourage but security told them they had to leave the site. It got pretty heated backstage.”

It also got pretty passive-aggressive in the statements released by everyone.

Lovebox got their release out pronto, which read: “Lil’ Kim did not turn up to her set on time. The festival had no other option but to maintain the scheduled running order to ensure the other main stage acts were not disrupted.”

But Kim’s rep said on Twitter: “Due to circumstances that were out of Kim’s control, her performance at #LoveBox was cancelled.

“Kim was on site and on time for her performance and apologises to all of her fans for the inconvenience.”

To make up for said inconvenience, Lil’ Kim arranged a meet and greet at her hotel yesterday and tweeted her London hotel to all her followers.

Unfortunately, she forgot to tell? the hotel, so the 500 or so fans ?who turned up were redirected ?round the corner.

3am turned up (on time) and asked what had happened at Lovebox.

“It’s a long story,” said Kim. “But it wasn’t our fault.”

3am offered to write a ?strongly-worded letter of complaint to whoever’s fault it was, and asked who was to blame.

“I don’t know,” said Kim. “But it wasn’t our fault.”

Well, that’s that cleared up then. (source:

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