Lil Kim Sustains Injury During ¡®Dancing With The Stars¡¯ Rehearsal
[]As she continues to move to the next round as a contestant of "Dancing With The Stars," rapper Lil Kim is apparently performing through an injury she sustained during a rehearsal last week.

According to InTouch Weekly, the 33-year-old injured her rib, and braved through her performance on Tuesday (April 7).

"It was fun but a little nerve wracking," Lil Kim told the mag. "I have a small injury, well it's not small, but I popped my rip out earlier this week and ripped one of the muscles under my rib. I didn't know."

Kim says she didn't even realize she was hurt until she visited the show's masseuse, who relayed the bad news.

"She said, 'honey you have a rib out, and you tore one of your muscles,' " Kim said. "She had to push it back in and it hurt so bad. I was dancing through the pain."

She's since advised to rest and ice the injury, but according to Kim, there's no time, as she has to prepare for next week's routine.

"There is no time to relax," she says. "We have to learn the jive and it's really energetic -- what do I do?"

"I'm excited for the dance, but the injury has me a little nervous," Kim continued.
Posted on 09 Apr 2009 by admin

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