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Lil' Kim Looking Concerned as Derek Hough almost Faints on LIVE TV
Lil' Kim: "I feel like I can do ANYTHING now!"

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Shockwaves ran through the ballroom when Lil’ Kim was ousted in one of the biggest upsets in Dancing With the Stars’ eight seasons. The rapper tells TV Guide Magazine how she really feels about losing to the rhythmically challenged Ty Murray.

What went wrong?
I’m still trying to figure it out. It seemed like my fans and my votes were increasing every week.

How do you feel?
I have mixed emotions, because I really loved being on the show and wanted to make it to the finals. There’s a part of me that’s saying: What just happened? I was damn good!

Do you think voters were prejudiced against you because you were in jail?
In the beginning, I was concerned people might think that’s all I was. To be honest, that was one of the major reasons I did the show… I’m much more than you thought I was.

How have you changed?
I’m not gonna lie. I had a really huge problem with being late. But in the last two weeks, I was on point with everything. I wasn’t late for anything. The show made me more responsible.

You and Derek Hough made great partners.
Derek is gorgeous, and our chemistry is wonderful. He’s very protective and caring. There was a lot of tough love. We would make the best lovers.
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