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It's been 15 years since the world lost one of the most influential figures in hip hop and tomorrow night 106 & Park will pay homage to the late great rapper who has inspired this generation's artists.

106 will discuss Biggie's legacy with special guest and one of this week's Freestyle Friday judges, Lil' Kim. Remember that one of Lil' Kim's biggest inspirations throughout the duration of her entire career has been Biggie, and she still credits him with a lot of her success to this day.

To see all of the other ways that 106 & Park is going to honor the life and legacy of the Notorious B.I.G. tune in today at 6P/5C.

Posted on 09 Mar 2012 by LilKimZone

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by kimfan0101 @ 09 Mar 2012 06:40 am
i can't wait to see this...i hope somebody puts it online somewhere....she looks great in these pics....whoever is stylin her lately good job
by bedstuy bandit @ 09 Mar 2012 07:26 am
Hahahaha wassat wassat tongue tongue tongue laughing laughing tongue laughing laughing tongue wassat wassat tongue wassat tongue oh boy here we go.....its kimmy season bitches
by bedstuy bandit @ 09 Mar 2012 07:28 am
It goes down today ......6pm who's the queen of this rap Shyt.....kimmy lol ...I luv it .....if u luv me.......shots fired
by Jamal718 @ 09 Mar 2012 07:45 am
I love it kims all over the place its KIM BITCHES!! Back on the seen its the microphone fiend fuck keeping it clean im keeping it real green shes hazdorous ghetto fabulous!! Lol thats my shit@bedstuy pass me the weed so I can my ashes out on these niggas man!
by bedstuy bandit @ 09 Mar 2012 07:53 am
Lololol @jamal718 Ayo these fagget yall kneel and kiss the fucking ring .....ether these hoes
by MissC @ 09 Mar 2012 08:25 am
When the QUEEN come in town...everything shuts DOWN!
by Jamal718 @ 09 Mar 2012 08:35 am
@bedstuy yo I dont understand why she didnt come out wit the full joint to ether that shit wouldve been straight fire man!! RIPBIG!!! They quotin his lyrics all day on twitter!!! Yo I still be listening to ether from nas,kims was short but she can do that just slay the hoe wit just a couple bars!! wink
by LUKE.LONDON @ 09 Mar 2012 08:40 am
Dipped fresh, hoppin out of a Rolls
In the town, ballin out of control
V-V-S's set in platinum and gold
Standin room only, all of my shows
Applebottom bustin out of my jeans
On the screen with the man of your dreams
Front page of your new magazines
Ay show some love, papers stack, I'm the Queen bitch
by greg @ 09 Mar 2012 09:27 am
Loving kim get up an apperances
by Tweet me WCM3 @ 09 Mar 2012 10:20 am
smile Lil Kim looks good as usual, I'm happy she's getting her appearances too. Excited to watch 106 today, I'm only watching because of her.
by bedstuy bandit @ 09 Mar 2012 10:31 am
@jamal718 ...yall impatiently waiting its like an AIDS test whats the results not Positive...
Who's the best KIM NAS and Big ain't no best east West North south glossed out greedy....just got in from work.....
DVR+TiVo .....check
3blunts rolled.....check
106npk...6pm check
Kim is in the building check.....lolololol
Everything we do we do it BIG
R.I.P to da nigga BIG
by Crooklyn @ 09 Mar 2012 01:00 pm
@Bedstuy Bandit: Can I come ova? I'll bring 3 more blunts lol

"You Rewind This, Brooklyn's Behind This!"
by I KNOW YOU SEE ME @ 09 Mar 2012 01:01 pm
by SHE'S BACK @ 09 Mar 2012 01:07 pm
"Biggie left me the torch, so I'm holdin' it now... And you sick cause I'm a bitch and I'm holdin' it down!" -Lil' Kim
by Who's Number One? @ 09 Mar 2012 01:19 pm
F*ck that, bitches don't deserve to rap... I'm back, and I'm about to murder cats! Trying to take my crown, I ain't letting that go down.
I cop the four pound and go the whole twelve rounds, yeah... You broke hoes need to throw in the towel--Life's a wheel of fortune and y'all can't buy a vowel!
Who me? That's none of your concern--like ashes in the urn, more money to burn! Damn my ass is firm, stay away from germs...
Pussy flawless, get wetted in worms!
If you only knew like Aaliyah...
How your man be hawking me and stalking me! When he f*ckin' you, he [see me]!
Every crack valve or record he sell I get a piece...
Easy, believe me, my words is credible... Ask Nat Cole huh, I'm Unforgettable!
Don't let the QB get a hold of your guy... Sex him well, get him high, he might f*ck around and die!
by BEESTING @ 09 Mar 2012 01:40 pm
As you can see Kim bring the grown crowd!!! I don't see all the kids that much go Kim
by Jamal718 @ 09 Mar 2012 01:41 pm
@bedstuy just got done another blunt about to flick these ashes out on yucky stans!! Lol 3:45 right now another 2 hrs and 15 min for the QUEEN!! Then ima smoke another one when she come on!!
by bedstuy bandit @ 09 Mar 2012 02:26 pm
Lol @jamal718 its 4:25 right now .......twisted lol bout to roll another...the fans looked mad excited...
by bedstuy bandit @ 09 Mar 2012 02:34 pm
@ crooklyn ..@jamal718.....come thru st James Fulton n Atlantic av all day lolololol the block is busy right now ....I m one block from BiG block ....born n raised bedstuy til I die .....tht s why I hold queen bitch down 4life........r.I.p BIG wink wassat tongue sad laughing tongue laughing tongue wassat wassat laughing tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue laughing laughing laughing wassat laughing tongue laughing tongue

tongue bring a bottle ....the kush is on Me
by B.G. @ 09 Mar 2012 02:53 pm
Yes lilkim looks very good and i love it.....i hope good things are happening for her
by mellodee @ 09 Mar 2012 03:15 pm
QB bout to bomb - taliban!!
by esmiley @ 09 Mar 2012 03:34 pm
"live from NYC its Q B----heavy weight champ female MC----girls say they different but uh, see, no in actuality they wanna be me". "motherfuckin right umma roll with my motherfuckin dogs, bitches aint around when its time to go to war----this shit here, nuttin to fuck wit, im the same bitch all yall wanna try ya luck wit"
by Jamal718 @ 09 Mar 2012 04:21 pm
@bedstuy yo im in philly now we all watchin 106&park and theres blunts gone around like crazy!!!! Kims back.on no big krit on now angry put kim on niggas!!! Lol
by greg @ 09 Mar 2012 04:26 pm
I'm so upset I'm misssin Kim she has to have my view ugh im gonna buy more than 1 cd for Missin her on tv
by rhino @ 09 Mar 2012 04:52 pm
"u broke bitches aint got a dollar, go get fucked! For yo rent money, Too much mouth just no good, I mean I fucked around but u fucked da whole good," K.I.M mets get it! I wanted to take off today to see the REAL queen, but I Will catch it tomorrow morning and I Will buy at least 5 albums!
by lets be real @ 09 Mar 2012 04:58 pm
Yessssssssssss lilkimzone has a new back ground & she looks fire its about damn time

2012 is our year teamkim & nobody can take tht away from us kim is makin moves every where I love it been a fan since before hardcore even dropped
by rhino @ 09 Mar 2012 05:00 pm
I really like the new Lil kimzone background. I al a graphic designer with a BFA in fine arts, I would love to do some graphic work for Kim. Can anyone help me get some art work to her? Micheal, Jamal, anybody? I can promiss you guys you would be blown away wit my work...
by Jamal718 @ 09 Mar 2012 05:02 pm
Yo kims got ass for days!!!!! Shes a REAL BICTCH SHE LOOKS GREAT!! No so called RAP BITCH CAN EVER COMPARE TO HER!!! tongue A collabo wit JEEZY!! Now she gone to judge the battle!!! Bitch its time for u to lay down im sick of the fraud!!
by Dnice @ 09 Mar 2012 05:28 pm
Teamkim, where going to have a blast this year... queen bee is in the building!!!!!! tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue wassat tongue tongue tongue
by realtalk @ 09 Mar 2012 06:03 pm
I love how Kim got up in rocsi's ASS when she tried to slide in that weak shit about fire Marshall bill at the last minute. She got shut the duck down. Talking about there's an elephant in the room. That hoe ROCSI is stuck on stupid.

Kim continues to show why she is the first & only female KING. Alpha bitch. Rocsi was THIS close to a beat down from KIM's fans in the background hahahaha. KIM ain't gonna give that other chick ANY more life, she already let her live long enough. Now homegirl is in the middle of the water with NO lifejacket. THAT'S how you do it!!!

"you really gotta be careful when you pick fights" hahahahahaha

Homegirl shoulda took her own advice.
Now Kim gonna get up in that ASS
by fresh.swag @ 09 Mar 2012 06:04 pm
Why people always talking shit? Everyone sayin ooh she looks like dis she look like dat aw now she asian now she latin. Tha fuk yall forgot qb is a chameleon she got a million looks and can change right before your eyes. Some bitches been lookin the same since they first came out and that aint doin shit for them. sooo lik she said before shut the fuck up bitch!!!!!
by MsLilQueenB @ 09 Mar 2012 06:30 pm
Im Tight cuz i was there and there was a group pic i was in with the QUEEN B and BET refuses to up it up ...SMH i got in a argument wit Rosci bum ass and now i cant find none of the pics i was in
by greg @ 09 Mar 2012 06:33 pm
Bet is bein tiled an paid by cashmoney
by Ayoo @ 09 Mar 2012 06:54 pm
Kim rapfix talking bout B.I.G (R.I.P my nigga) was on tv that shit got me amped .. yoo Kimmy looked sexy hea & i didn't like how rocci corny ass try to make kim talk about clown bitches but to bad Kim soo focused !!!

teamKim believe it .. we ready
by a real kim fan @ 09 Mar 2012 07:08 pm
hell mothafuckin yeah my girl kim lookin hella tight and that asssssss can go for days lol im loving her so much just like i always did but what was that shit rosci said at the end i had to run to bathroom but when i came back all i heard was i aint trying to talk about that its team kim up in here i was like huh wait what that bitch say to kim
by jaybee @ 09 Mar 2012 07:18 pm
love how kim let her ass no she wasnt talkin about n e non mutha fuckin factors lol... no bitch!! damn!
by msteefromdc @ 09 Mar 2012 07:25 pm
i missed the 106 &park there a link for the entire show? sad
by mack @ 09 Mar 2012 07:51 pm
@a real kim fan...Rosci was just doing her job, but Kim handled it very well!
i love how the crowd was hype when Kim first came out! Kim where was going to baby girl? LOL it was also crazy during the freestyle when the one guy said about "me and Kim being doing this WAY BEFORE NICKI"! LOL!
by rhino @ 09 Mar 2012 08:04 pm
"One chick name Nick, thought she was the shit and tried to play Big Papa, dont worry, minutes. before I drop her!" Kim
by greg @ 09 Mar 2012 08:16 pm
My back ground haven't changed I'm mad!
by lets be real @ 09 Mar 2012 08:43 pm
Who cares kim don't like tht ho rosci anyway remeber she broke up lisa rays happy home lol & kim & lisa are real good friends and rosci knows this she lucky kim didn't snatch her annoying ass up haha anyway did u haters see the love kim gets its cray the queen is bacc and better then ever... BITCH
by Jamal718 @ 09 Mar 2012 08:52 pm
@rhino lol I wss gettin ready to quote that u beat me to it! Lol yo im so glad kim shut that hoes ass up kims a real boss bitch she pass that movie right now ad she called it!! If theres another one,she ready buf she got,wayyyy more bigger things goin!! She know that bitch gettin flushed down the toilet!! Young jeezy and kim got a,song comin out!! Kims back hatas!!!! tongue
by lets be real @ 09 Mar 2012 08:59 pm
I think jeezy finished the M.o.e beat & thts gonna be her first single if so u heard it here first... just a guess smile
by MICHAEL @ 09 Mar 2012 09:04 pm


by lets be real @ 09 Mar 2012 09:21 pm
@ michael... I loved her on rapfix but I really loved her on 106 you got to see the humble side of kim & not this angry bitter person tht people try & make her out to be. Kim is so sweet & so loved not just by brooklyn but the whole world she's a rap icon & I love the way she has been carrying herself lately... Now I can't wait till rip the runway airs I know the queen is gonna shut it down !
by TWORLD @ 09 Mar 2012 09:32 pm
by MICHAEL @ 09 Mar 2012 09:32 pm
by greg @ 09 Mar 2012 10:29 pm
Team kim!!!!!____who's gonna figure out this collab I'm thinking ad we speak I'm so hyped Kim look was so great!!!! She was so dolld up grown an sexy showing her curves! Her feather drop but she wad still cute makeup on point!!!! An the crowd went crazy
by MissC @ 09 Mar 2012 11:19 pm
Dang! Ya'll got me extra hype! I am super pi$$ed that I missed the show. Ya'll was blowing back before and everything lol...too bad i dont smoke anymore. Please let me know if they run the show again tmrw and what time PLEASE??!! @Rhino "minutes before I drop her...then BLAOW BLAOW a parolee..the B!tch violated!.
by BEESTING @ 10 Mar 2012 12:21 am
Yoooo!! Did Kim mention anything about the album I missed it at work sad P.s I love how Kim says whoo whoo whoo lmaoo

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