Lil Kim Denies Calling Drake Soft After NYC Brawl

(source: Lil Kim has been outspoken about her issues with rival Nicki Minaj, and it's no secret that she harbors some negative feelings towards fellow YMCMB artist Drake, but it seems like the latest story circulating about Kim taking shots at Drake after his Chris Brown brawl is fabricated.

VH1 reports that Kim's publicist has issued a statement condemning reports that the Queen Bee had harsh words for Drizzy, when asked about his recent brawl with Chris Brown, saying, "JUST AN FYI..THAT ARTICLE BY THE PHOENIX TIMES IS FICTICIOUS..A FAKE,A FRAUD,END OF STORY,IM NOT SPEAKING ON IT ANYMORE SMH @ PHOENIX"

The original story from PRLOG reports that when asked about her take on the W.i.P. nightclub brawl, Kim went on the attack, taking Drizzy to task for being soft. "He's a bottom – y'all know what I mean what I say that," the quotes from PRLOG read. "What I know about Drake is he is bitch-made. Meaning he's an instigator, and a p---y. He had no issue stepping to Lil Kim, I'm like five feet tall. but he didn't try stepping to Chris, a man, because he's simply a coward."

The harsh words were met with equal support of Brown. Claiming he had served his sentence for his violence-addled past, Kim reportedly said it was time for everyone to stop beating up on him. "He made a mistake, he owned up to it, and he and Rihanna have moved on with their lives. But since that incident it's become so easy to blame Chris."

Kim's beef with Drake stretches back to a 2010 concert where Drizzy came out in support of his label-mate Minaj, saying he didn't "give a f--- what Lil Kim or nobody else is talking about," anointing Nicki the best female rapper.

Posted on 21 Jun 2012 by LilKimZone

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