LoveBox Festival Cancelled Lilí Kim Performance + Meet'nGreet TODAY @ 3PM

LoveBox Festival was forced to cancel Lil' Kim's scheduled slot after the rapper failed to show up on time for her performance.

The rapper had been scheduled to perform on the main stage, but was nowhere to be found prior to the show. LoveBox was forced to cancel her slot in order to keep the schedule running.

They said in an official statement: "Lil' Kim did not turn up to her set on time. The festival had no other option but to maintain the scheduled running order to ensure the other main stage acts were not disrupted."(source

Publicist Lizzie Grubman issued a statement on Twitter: "NEWS ALERT: Due to circumstances that were out of Kim's control, her performance at #LoveBox was canceled. Kim was on-site and on time for her performance and apologizes to all of her fans for the inconvenience."

A British dancer that was going to appear on stage with Lil' Kim shared his thoughts on the behind scenes drama on his Twitter page.
@calmkev "Was meant to perform with @LilKim at Lovebox today, her camp is a shambles." --- "I don't even think it was Lil Kim's fault because she was upset in the car 'n' shit. Her camp needs some work though." --- "I don't think it was @LilKim's fault directly. But the way her camp handled us & the dancers was very unprofessional." --- "My time & money was wasted. Nobody even gave us the courtesy of issuing an apology for something I chose to do as a favour."

@lilkim "Today was a very long day. There were things that happened that were out of my control. I love my UK fans. I want to do a big meet'n'greet today. Meet me at my hotel lobby at 3pm. Andaz hotel at Liverpool street.

Posted on 22 Jul 2013 by LilKimZone

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