[additional images added] Lil' Kim's Triumphant Return to Britain

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Youtube fan-cam footage: Intro/Whoa - The Jump Off - How Many Licks / Lady Marmalade - Black Friday / Quiet Storm - Intro/Whoa - Let It Go - Man Down - Lighters Up - Jay-Z - Love On Top -
Big Momma Thang - Empire State of Mind.

Fan report by LittleToffe
"...But Kim, she did a proper show with dancers, a back up singer, a band and errrthang. She just killed it. Her energy, her performances, the set list - it was just incredible really.

Her energy was on point, she performed all her classic songs and did even 'Drugs' (my all time fave Kim joint). She also performed the Rihanna 'Man Down' version with Jamaican themes lights and ish, which was hella cute as London has a massive Jamaican community and I a lot of folks from the West Indies were in the house anyway. She did show London so much love in general and said that all her dancers were from London and stuff. I mean, we as fans know, but you could tell that she has such a beautiful soul, by the way how she interacted with people. Seeing her and Tiffany Foxx interact was so sweet as well. She made us sing Happy B-Day for Tiff, as her b-day is coming up soon. If you are good in reading people's behavior and therefore good in judging people's characters, you just could tell how protective, loyal and helpful Kim is when it comes to Tiffany. It was so cute, to see em together. She also showed Eve mad love, thanked us so many times and you just could feel that she was very genuine when saying all these things!

Kim brought so so so so much positive energy to the stage and it was a hella well executed show - very slick- None of us expected it to much so long and so well planned out. We thought that she would show up, do her thing and leave. She performed for 1 1/2 hours, I believe.

I can not say it enough but she did her damn thing and I was a little skeptical in the beginning but Kim did killed it."

Posted on 23 Nov 2013 by LilKimZone

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