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Lil Kim is putting the finishing touches on her latest mixtape, Hardcore 2K14. The project, set to be released on September 11, 2014, is a nod to her acclaimed debut album which dropped nearly 20 years ago. In our full interview, which hits newsstands August 19, Kim talks about her personal life, motherhood and of course music. Hereís a quick look at where she stands on the mixtape and BK rap.

HHW: Was motherhood part of the cause for the delay in the mixtape?

Kim: Yeah that was a major part, but I was in the studio up until I was four months pregnant. I got real sick at a point and then I couldnít finish.

HHW: Even though the mixtape isnít here yet, itís coming soon. But in between time, youíve been feeding the streets with new releases. Like ďHot NóaĒ that just dropped. What made you want to hop on that track?

Kim: That was Brooklyn all day. It was only right. Anytime thereís someone new coming out in Brooklyn I will always support them, especially if they hitting it hot with something like ďHot NóaĒ and GS9, they stay hood. They dirty hood, and thatís how I like them. And thatís where Iím from. Anybody that comes out of there I gotta show love because I know how hard it is to get out.

HHW: Has Lil Kim perfected that Shmoney Dance?

Kim: Oh yeah! All day, Iím hitting it right now while we talking. Itís almost like an old gangster dance. Itís fun. You know they say gangsters ainít supposed to danceÖ thatís bull! One thing I like about Brooklyn dudes that dance, every single one that I know can dance without looking gay and thatís a good thing. Itís a nice thing, you know?

HHW: I remember coming up, reading articles saying that B.I.G. knew how to dance.

Kim: B.I.G. could dance his butt off! He had rhythm, and for a big guy itís a nice thing to be able to do that.

Posted on 17 Aug 2014 by LilKimZone

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