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Initially emerging amidst a golden environment, Lil Kim, has invested over twenty years into her profession. As the world witnessed the evolution to the woman that she’d become, the Queen Bee, experienced both the arduous and the acclaimed. Regardless of the situation, making music served to soothe her musical soul.

An homage to the past and a challenge for the future, Hard Core 2014, recently dropped. Lil Kim has embraced a new era; she strives to remain faithful, to be the best mother, and to continue her relevant reign throughout the years. Why choose to release your latest tape, Hard Core 2014, on the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11?

Lil Kim: Well, 9/11 is a very memorable day. There was an unfortunate catastrophe on this day. It is a day that will always be remembered. There are a lot of families that continue to hurt on this day. It’s been a little while—you never know—one of my fans could have someone in their family that was affected by it. So, if they’re able to get my CD on this day, maybe it can make them happy, or even make them smile. It’s such an unfortunate day. So, sometimes when there’s day like this you need a little sunshine, and it helps. Which tracks will best sustain the public’s interest in your voice as an MC?

Lil Kim: Personally, the track that I have with Jadakiss, “Real Sick.” There’s a track I have called “Trendsetter.” That track just spoke for my fanbase. At this point, I think I’m going to obtain a lot of new [supporters] to my fanbase. That already has been doing okay, but it’s been going slowly, but surely. I think that “Trendsetter” will obtain the new fanbase. “Real Sick” will satisfy my fans that have been with me from the first part when I started my career. Hip-Hop has a competitive spirit. Given that you are investing the time to ensure you’re there for your family, how are you learning to balance your profession with your personal life?

Lil Kim: It’s hard, especially now that I have a baby. So, it’s really really hard, but at the end of the day when I look at her, I do it all for her. And that’s what makes me keep going; I swear! I promise you that is what makes me keep going. You know, the industry is so fickle. And sometimes, you know, I’ll think about going in different directions—my mind just gets cluttered and unfiltered.

She keeps me focused. She keeps me in beast mode. So, it’s really her and God. I keep my faith and my focus on my child and God. They’re what keeps me going. At the end of the day she is everything. She’s the most rewarding part of this whole thing. If every trial and every tribulation that I’ve gone through in my career had to get me to having, Royal, I would never trade that with another person.

If someone said, ‘If you could have obtained everything that you ever wanted—and you wouldn’t have gone through all those trials and tribulations—but you wouldn’t of had your child,’ I would have said, ‘Oh well. Y’all can keep that. I would rather go the long hard road and have my baby!’ A large portion of your life has been displayed on center stage. Regarding your maturation as a woman, and as an entertainer, the public has witnessed many of your rites-of-passage. As a mother, what do you most want to teach your daughter?

Lil Kim: As a mom, I would most like to teach my daughter the name of the game which is, respect. And do unto others as you would want done unto yourself. That’s really important. I want her to have a wonderful personality. I want her to be well-mannered. I also want her to go for her dreams, no matter what it is. Unless it’s something that I feel would hurt her.

If it’s something that I think is wonderful, and a positive path for her. [If it’s] something that I know that she really believes in I’m going to support her to the end. I’m going to support her all the way. I never want her to give up on her dreams. I want her to be the best that she can be. I don’t want her to allow anyone to make her afraid of what she can be. I don’t want her to be distracted by any of the haters or by anyone who wants to prevent her from capturing her goals and dreams. Do you feel a way when people try to distinguish the talent of female MCs from their male counterparts?

Lil Kim: I think a good MC is a good MC. Just like I think good music is good music.

Posted on 16 Sep 2014 by LilKimZone

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