Lil Kimís $1 Million Legal Battle Against Ex-Business Partners Thrown Out of Court

[source:] Rapper Lil Kim was reportedly unresponsive with her own $1 million dollar legal battle against her ex-business partners and now a New York judge has ordered the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court, exclusively reports.

The rapper originally sued her her ex-business partners for 1 million dollars, claiming they tricked her into signing deals that paid them nearly half of her earning ó from licensing her name and trademark.

Her ex-business partner fired back, claiming she ruined numerous licensing deals his company worked on including perfume, clothing line, liquor and energy drink, as well as a shoe line. In the court documents, the ex-partner accused her of refusing to show up to meetings and promotional events for the products. He reportedly sued Lil Kim for $15 million.

Then on August 28th, the defendants filed docs stating that Lil Kim had failed to file a response to the court-suit or any filings to allow the lawsuit to proceed. The company states that it has been over a year since Lil Kim has participated in her OWN lawsuit. They demanded Kim be awarded nothing and her lawsuit be dismissed. Then earlier this month, Lil Kimís own legal team filed docs requesting they be allowed to drop their client due to her not communicating with them and also for failing to pay them for their work.

The New York judge presiding over the case then ordered that the rapper appear in court to explain to him what her deal is with the lawsuit. Then on November 28th, the NY court judge came back dismissing the entire legal battle due to Lil Kim blowing off the lawsuit and disregarding his order for her to appear. The order grants the defendants motion for default and closes the case once and for all with Lil Kim not being awarded anything from the suit.

Posted on 09 Dec 2014 by LilKimZone

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