Lena Dunham Visits Hillary Clinton's Campaign Headquarters, Uses Sexy Pic of Lil' Kim to Fire Back at Haters

Many online users are not happy that Lena Dunham endorses Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 election, while the Girls star and creator has fired back at her critics in a, well, interesting way.

Hillary, 67, a Democratic Party Leader, former Secretary of State and wife of former two-term President Bill Clinton, 68, had announced her presidential bid, her second, on April 12. If she wins, she would become the first female U.S. president in its 238-year history.

After her announcement, Dunham, 29, expressed her support on Instagram.

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On Friday, she shared a selfie of herself at Hillary's headquarters in New York City, holding a blue campaign bumper sticker in her mouth.

"Had the pleasure of visiting campaign headquarters in my very own Brooklyn!" Dunham wrote. "Didn't find the grande dame herself but this bumper sticker is pretty dope... Getting excited."

Reactions were mixed.

"I really can't believe that you aren't voting for her solely because she's a woman," one user wrote. "Stick to making HBO shows about obnoxious, overprivileged brats in their twenties." (Ouch.)

Dunham fired back with another Instagram post, which showed a cropped version of Lil' Kim's racy cover for her 2003 album La Bella Mafia.

"Hey, just a head's up: accusing women of supporting Hillary just because she's female is misogynistic BS," the actress said. "Women are smart enough to make decisions based on a number of factors: policy, track record, campaign strategy. Yes, I think it's time for a female president but I'm not part of a witch's cabal that senses ovaries and suddenly MUST VOTE. Plus if I was gonna vote for someone just because she was female it would be this chick, written in on all my ballots always."

"So go ahead, argue your political POV but don't insult a woman's intelligence by acting as though she votes exclusively along vaginal party lines," Dunham continued. "As Kim would say, 'I'm valedictorian y'all in the audience / And I've got nine hundred and ninety-nine votes, You got nine hundred and ninety-nine notes / You know bitch I'm worldwide." New Hillary campaign slogan? TGIF!"

Posted on 30 May 2015 by LilKimZone

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