Christian Rich Talks About Producing Get In Touch With Us

Lil Kim ft. Styles P Get In Touch With Us (2003)

Aw man, this record was hilarious. They had to go to India, to go find the artist to clear it. Its called Kasoor. My girlfriend back then was getting her nails done by this lady named Natalia. Actually she was getting her eyebrows threaded. I usually go with her and have to sit there for like a hour. I was watching TV in there one time while she was getting her brows done, and this song came on during this movie. I was like 'What is that?,' and the chick told me its an Indian movie, Kasoor. I asked where I could buy the CD from, because I wanted to sample the record. The chick directed me to this Indian music store right next door. I went to the store, grabbed the CD and bought, sampled the shit, and it got made. It was supposed to be the single [for Lil Kims La Bella Mafia album], but then Lil Kim started cursing all over the hook. When we tried to go clear the sample, they had to go all the way to India because of the way music is crafted there. There is no publishing established for older artists, so you have to get permission directly from the artist. Its funny, because Kanye West produced a track on the album too. I remember going up to him one time, saying 'Yo, were on the same album!' and him just staring at me like, 'So?'

Posted on 04 Jun 2015 by LilKimZone

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