Lil Kim to be on Faith Evans New Album

NBC News Interview with Faith Evans. Click Here to read the full interview.

You're releasing a new album, "The King & I," which is a duet album between you and Biggie. How did this idea originate?

I told Ms. Wallace (Bigge's mom) a long time ago, "One day, I'm going to do a record with me and Biggie." This was probably before Puff sold the masters. It was just a thought; I wasn't even thinking about executing it yet. I didn't know how well it was going to come together but man oh man, it's coming together very well. Listen, I wish I could bottle you up and put you in my pocket so you could hear this music; it sounds so good.

Is the creative process different than how you would normally piece together a solo album?

Yes, and it's amazing. There were two songs of his that I knew I wanted to touch. Those were "Ten Crack Commandments" and "Me & MY B****" for obvious reasons. The way that I took his vocals and arraigned myself around himů. There are various technical things in place to make it sound cohesive.

I originally didn't want a lot of features, but I have Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim, Jadakiss. Eminem might do a verse. They're all hot and they are on the right tracks. It doesn't have to receive a Grammy nomination or any awards, it doesn't even have to sell that much. People are going to be bumping this, I promise you.

I've never felt this way about any of my own albums and I know it's going to be bigger just because of what's it's about. But in today's climate that's not me measuring in sales. It just means that people will be knowing its coming. It's bringing his fans, my fans together and Snoop heard the album and he's been telling everybody about it.

And there is a label that's behind it as well. I've been independent for my last three albums. So I did this deal with a major label, who typically does catalog records. This means a whole machine is pushing it and they're very excited. To have a whole team of people behind it and the proper money behind it [which] makes a huge difference. I want people to listen and say, "She did that."

Posted on 01 Jul 2016 by LilKimZone

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