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DAVID LACHAPELLE: That photo was on the wall at the Tony Shafazi gallery and Ingrid [Sischy] came in and said, “Has anyone seen this?” I said, “No, I just shot it.” And she said, “Take it down!” So I put it in the back room [of the gallery] and she said we were going to use it as a cover for Interview. So I had to call Kim and I said, “That photo we did with that Louis Vuitton thing, can Interview use it as a cover?” Now, at this time, people who weren’t deep into hip-hop heard about Lil Kim and about Foxy Brown, but didn’t know the difference between her and Foxy. Kim was like, “But David, I promised the photographer that that picture is going to be on the cover of Chocolate Singles,” which was this free magazine that they put out in the subway. I was like, “No no no, this has to be on Interview because Interview is a really important magazine. I will give [Chocolate Singles] something else and we’re going to put this on Interview which will be really good—you have to trust me!” After she did this cover, the fashion people all went nuts for her, she became a superstar and shot off. We applied the [Vuitton] logo with an airbrush and stencil. It wasn’t for a season or two later that [designers] began to come back with logos!

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Posted on 04 Jan 2018 by LilKimZone

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