Lil' Kim Sued?

Update: Lil Kim claims this story is fake.

According to, a Northern New Jersey urologist, Dr. Gregory Lovallo, has accused Lil Kim of cashing in on an insurance scam whilset concurrently failing to pay $15,000 for specialized medical treatment she was receiving - he suspects as part of the con. Earlier this month, Dr. Lovallo sued the “How Many Licks" rapper for breach of contract, saying that Kim had never paid her $15,000 bill for the urology-related healtch care he had provided her. The urologist also believes that Kim’s treatment may have been related to an insurance scam that she later profited off of.

Though the doctor does not go into detail about what made him suspect that Kim was allegedly part of an insurance scheme, court papers state that he did claim that she was "unjustly enriched" as a result.

The doctor is now requesting the $15,000 - plus interest - and his lawyer’s fees paid. Lil Kim hadn't responded to the case as of May 31, however, if she doesn’t answer the doctor’s complaint by next month, a judge could put her in default over the case.

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Posted on 01 Jun 2019 by Lil Kim Zone

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