Lil Kim Says She's NOT Being Sued by a Doctor

The other day it was reported that Lil' Kim was being sued by a doctor by various websites (see below news story)

Kim took to Instagram to issue a scathing response to Bossip, the original source of the story.

"This s*** is SUPER CAP! I am so sick of you lame desperate ass blogs reporting all these stupid lies just to try and pop your wack corny sick sadistic blogs off. Your parents should be real proud of what y'all ended up becoming in life (PROFESSIONAL HATAZ) miserable nobodies!! Only sick mother f****** like ya'll and Bossip think this is a come up and I know exactly who it is doing this at that God awful website Bozo Bosep or whatever the f*** they are...but ok like wtf are you mother f****** talking about? This s*** is unbelievable how you people think it's ok to post false info in 2019. I still live in the same mansion, you evil cowards said I lost. And I'm still THAT b**** out here getting bags! This is defamation of character and you'll be hearing from my attorney."

Posted on 04 Jun 2019 by Lil Kim Zone

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